Panama City Tour

"the 3 cities in 1"

TOUR: Panama City


TYPE OF TOUR: Culture History

DURATION: 5 hours


  • all entrance fees

  • multilingual guide (me!)

  • transportation

  • drinks


  • hat

  • comfortable light clothes & shoes

  • sunglasses

  • light raincoat (green season)

PRICE: US$35 - US$90



On this tour you will learn the history of Panama City as you sketch the steps of the Spanish Conquistadors. Discover the  three cities in one; Old Panama, Colonial Panama, and Modern Panama and how Panama City turn up as the most important trade center of the New World. We will start with the ruins of the original Panama, “Panama La Vieja”, founded in 1519, the first official city founded by Europeans on the Pacific coast of the Americas and the headquarters of the treasure trails that crossed the isthmus to the Caribbean, the gateway city for the Spanish conquest of Latin America.

We will visit the Colonial Panama (Casco Antiguo), which became the new Panama City of the times and was never successfully damaged, being protected by a wall that surrounded the new town. This beautiful colonial area with the ruins of 17th century convents and residences has several attractions that tourists shouldn't miss. We'll walk along the French Plaza with its monument to the French entrepreneurs who began the Panama Canal and to the 22,000 who died in this operation, we'll take a look at the Golden Altar in the San Jose Church, one of the few testimonies to all  the wealth that made its way through this city. 


These are just some of the stops we will make.