GAMBOA Canopy Tram Reptile and buterfly exhibitions with WILDLIFE BOAT RIDE

TOUR: Canopy Tram Wildlife boat ride

TYPE OF TOUR: Nature Adventure

DURATION: 5-7 hours


  • all entrance fees

  • bilingual guide (English/Spanish)

  • transportation


  • hat

  • comfortable light clothes & shoes

  • sun block

  • light raincoat (green season)

  • binoculars

  • sunglasses



US$115 - US$165 (depending on the number of participants)



Discover the secrets of the upper rainforest canopy with a ride on the Resort aerial tram. There you can enjoy a bird eye view of a thousand hues of green interspersed with the fluorescent exclamation points of flowering trees. 

The aerial tram is located in 100 hectares of rain forest where one finds an exuberant flora and fauna typical of Panama's neo-tropical forests. Flora includes species such as the Guarumo (Trumpet tree), Manglillo, Mangavé, Higo de Montaña, Espavé (Wild Cashew), Balsa, and others. This impressive plant diversity is the food source for all kinds of indigenous animals including these mammals: Coatimundi, Peccary, Howler Monkey, Squirrels, Capybara, and Sloth. Beautiful birds such as Toucans, Trogons, Parrots, and Momots are also plentiful. Reptiles and amphibians found in the Panamanian forests include: Caimans, Iguanas, and dozens of species of frogs. At the bottom of the evolutionary scale is the world of the insects, many of which are beautifully colored such as butterflies, dragonflies, cicadas, and others.

The aerial tram travels thorough the canopy of the forest. Its speed is really slow speed so that you can enjoy and spot any wildlife.

This is a square, steel and wood structure with a concrete base. The tower is 30 mts. high and 9 mts. wide, including an access ramp that spirals around the tower. The lookout is located at the top of the tower and offers a 360-degree, panoramic view of the Panama Canal, the Chagres River, and the surrounding tropical rain forest.

NOTE: This tour is not recommended for pregnant women who are more than 4 months into their pregnancy.

The resort has built 4 exhibits that showcase local flora and fauna:

There is an orchid nursery were you may see local orchids including some introduced species. Orchids are the most beautiful flowering plants in the world. Here you can appreciate their extraordinary beauty.

The snake exhibit gives the opportunity of seeing live snakes from a short distance behind the safety of our terrariums. In this exhibit you also will receive interesting information about how to recognize poisonous snakes, what they feed on and some of their habits.

There is a nursery where an expert in butterflies explains the complete life cycle from egg, caterpillar to the final stage of becoming a butterfly. The exhibit has a laboratory where it grows/quarantines the caterpillars and some cocoons. However, most of the exhibit consists of a large enclosed area where up to 15 butterfly species roam freely.

In the aquarium there are also fresh water fishes from the tropical areas of America, Africa and Asia. This colorful exhibit also host reptiles such as crocodiles, caimans and turtles.

For the description of the boat ride you can click here