airport transfer           

When arriving in Panama City at the International Airport Tocumen, take our transfer service - same prices as the ones from the airport but the driver will be there waiting for you and most important of all knows where to take you to;-)

Important: remember to send us your flight information (flight number, time of arrival and airport of departure as well as your last stop-over).


N persons 1 - 2 3 4 5
Tocumen International Airport US$30 US$35 US$40 US$45
Albrook domestic Airport US$20 US$20 US$25 US$30
N persons 1 - 2 3 4 5
Colon US$110 US$120 US$130 US$140
Cruise Port US$130 US$140 US$150 US$160
Playa Bonita resort   US$30   US$35   US$40   US$45
Gamboa resort   US$45   US$45   US$50   US$55
Decameron US$120 US$130 US$140 US$150
Playa Blanca resort US$120 US$130 US$140 US$150
Buenaventura US$140 US$150 US$160 US$170
Hourly rate driving   US$25 - - -
Hourly rate waiting   US$15 - - -

Note: These rates are for transfers from the city - add US$10 when including the International airport 

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