The Embera Village Tour

TOUR:         Embera Village

TYPE OF TOUR: Culture & Ethnic

DURATION:           6 hours


  • all entrance fees

  • multilingual guide (me!)

  • transportation

  • drinks

  • light lunch


  • hat

  • comfortable light clothes & shoes

  • light raincoat (May-Nov)

  • sun block


US$95 - US$135 (depending on the number of participants)


Let us introduce you to one of the 7 main native cultures of Panama which are still mostly living the same way as when Columbus discovered them in the 1500’s.

An article about the Embera Indians was published in the National Geographic Magazine.

We will drive North for a short hour reaching our departure dock for you to enjoy a 15 min canoe ride on the Gatun river to reach our final destination: the Embera Village where you will learn about their culture, see their ceremonial dances and hand-made crafts, taste their native food: delicious fresh fish with fried platanos (smashed plantain bananas) or yuca served in palm leaves, explore the area’s beautiful tropical vegetation with the medicin man showing us all their healing plants.

You will have time to interact with the Emberas, especially the children which are so playful, purchase some souvenirs if you wish and maybe get your body painted Embera style with a natural fruit dye called Jagua...all of this in just one day!


NOTE: For the skeptic ones - this is no mock village but totally authentic - the Embera families have settled in this particular Village, that they built up from scratch, in 2006 (since they all originate from the Darien jungle) calling it their show here, its their real life!

The Emberas are very joyful and curious people and enjoy to learn about other cultures.

Your visit to the Embera community will help them economically to preserve their culture and environment.They have a small onsite school for grades 1-6 where a teacher is sent by the government. If you would like to bring something for them, I suggest school supplies (pencils, crayons, coloring books, maps, toys, soccer ball etc...)  They, like all children, love sweets...however please bare in mind that they don't have the same hygiene rituals nor diet. There are around 15 children in the village.



Safe beautiful Canoe ride on the Gatun river


Embera boy


Embera hand-woven Baskets

Embera Women in their ceremonial dresses

preparing the chunga and naguala palm fibers for the basquets